Welcome to ClearDesk

Welcome to ClearDesk

Welcome to a more connected, efficient workforce! Welcome to ClearDesk!  

Did you know that the average worker uses 8 apps for their work? And, what’s even more surprising, it takes about half an hour a day just to simply sign in and out of them! Time-consuming, right?

If you want your staff to focus on getting on with their job instead of wasting time signing in and out of several apps, you are in the right place. ClearDesk makes your desktop a single window into all of the Microsoft 365 apps your staff needs – all with one single sign-on.

Who are We?

ClearDesk is an Australian-based software company, operating locally through its Brisbane offices and internationally through its London-headquartered office. We offer technical expertise, commercial foundations, and futuristic visions in order to provide you with the leading-edge technology with strong cloud security. 

The ClearDesk Software

ClearDesk is integration and analytics Software as a Service product that allows end-users to view, analyse, and understand all of their company’s data with a single sign-on. This also means that you don’t have to buy or download several different programs – ClearDesk uses the power of the internet and enables secure, encrypted, and backed-up framework. 

Regardless of the ClearDesk solution you choose ( ClearDesk Core, ClearDesk Fuse, or ClearDesk Insight), your staff will be able to stay connected to their work from wherever they are – work, home, or on the road. But, that’s not all! ClearDesk can be set up pretty fast since it is cloud-based and there’s no need for any complicated tech work. Eventually, the use of the software will result in increased efficiency levels, streamlined processes, and reduced human error.

Benefits of ClearDesk Software

  • Real-Time Stats and Analytics

ClearDesk allows users to build and modify reports in real-time. Management and executive teams can create reports required for staff to utilise quickly and easily, keeping your business moving.

  • Boost Productivity

Team members can configure their desktop to the mix of tools that suit their way of working. While management can deep-dive reporting within applications, saving a mountain of distractions and clicks.

  • Remote Working

No passwords left on home computers, no difficult navigation. Just secure data management and control, and complete connectivity – all available with ClearDesk.

  • Security and Single Sign-on

Your data is secured with one password protected by Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on. Access to your apps is just a click away, allowing you and your staff to spend more time getting the job done.

  • Better business intelligence

Buried behind ClearDesk’s simple elegance is a powerful engine that allows you to gain invaluable business intelligence and drive automated reporting for both the individual and the company’s performance.

  • Complete dashboard view

ClearDesk provides customisable dashboards for any piece of data buried in your applications – right there, right in front of you, in real-time. Simple.

Now that you know everything necessary – make ClearDesk work for you! All of the benefits the software provides are just a phone call away. So, don’t hesitate, contact us today to chat about your needs and our solutions!