Work Remotely with ClearDesk

Work Remotely with ClearDesk

Currently, during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, a large number of people from all over the world work from home. And, the biggest concern to business owners is how to increase remote-work efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve this goal, keeping your staff connected to their work and each other is crucial. 

Luckily, we at ClearDesk, make this connection and effective remote working not just possible, but extremely easily. Thanks to the cloud-based single-view platform, ClearDesk can help you maintain high levels of productivity even though your employees work from home.

No matter which of the three ClearDesk solutions you choose, you can rest assured that your employees are set up for remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, that’s not all! By implementing one of the ClearDesk options, your business can benefit not only today but also in the years to come.

The ClearDesk Solutions

Each of the three solutions ClearDesk offers enables staff to easily access all of their apps and info, with a single sign-on, on one screen. Plus, no special tech work is required. Setting up these cloud-based solutions is pretty fast.

With ClearDesk you can choose the package that best suits your needs, allowing you to use your data as much or as little as you need. Here are the three options you can choose from:

  1. ClearDesk Core

Your first and basic ClearDesk solution is Core. It allows you to use all of your applications with a single sign-on, makes navigation easy, and displays your files, news and social media feeds. Core even has room for a digital photo. And, what’s also important, you can customize your screen by drop-click and make it look the way you like it.

  1. ClearDesk Fuse

Fuse is the second ClearDesk package you can choose. Fuse, as the name suggests, makes your applications talk to each other. With ClearDesk Fuse you don’t have to cut and paste, merge tools, or enter data from one app to another. Fuse does all of that for you! It takes the data you need from one app and seamlessly adds it to another in one click. 

  1. ClearDesk Insight

Here’s where ClearDesk gets serious with its Flex option. Using the data that is fused from your applications, you can add it to your Company’s Platinum Record and start delivering your reports and dashboards. This will save you and your team time to become even more productive. Flex gives you total control and options you need to make your company more profitable.

Why Choose ClearDesk?

First and foremost, every person and every business is obliged to play their part in getting through this uncertain time that requires social distancing and remote working. With ClearDesk, you can make this transition process seamless. 

What’s more, you will not only protect your staff’s wellbeing and maintain a healthy and more efficient workforce, but also enjoy other benefits including:

  • Easy user adoption with complete management oversight.
  • No-touch onboarding, delivered remotely by the ClearDesk team without any need for contact with your staff.
  • Single sign-on for users. No downtime switching between apps.
  • Management and access privileges adhered to in Microsoft 365 and all apps.
  • Logging of activity for management.
  • Flexible pricing options and low-cost installation.

To sum up, with ClearDesk you can make working apart, come together… in the best way possible! Connect your people simply and securely, no matter where they work. Call us today if you have any questions you would like to ask or if you want to know about how we can help you reach your full productivity potential!