Top 5 Advantages of ClearDesk

Top 5 Advantages of ClearDesk

Each employee, no matter the industry they work in, has a distinct way of working. Luckily, we at ClearDesk offer solutions that not only provide flexibility but also meet anyone and everyone’s needs.

Plus, we take productivity quite seriously and that’s why we’ve created this single-view flexible desktop configuration. In other words, your employees don’t have to spend 30 minutes a day (that’s how much it takes according to a survey) signing in and out of different apps. With a single sign-on, you’re able to access data from each of your apps where and when you need it thanks to ClearDesk’s solutions.

But, who we are?

ClearDesk is an Australian-headquartered integration and analytics software company offering its services through its Brisbane office. The Company brings together teams with market-leading technical expertise, strong commercial foundations, and futuristic visions to provide its customers with cutting edge technology. With ClearDesk, users are able to view, analyse, and understand their company’s data like never before, resulting in optimised operating efficiencies, reduced human error, and streamlined business processes.

However, that’s not all! Here’s a brief list of the top 5 advantages of ClearDesk:

The Top 5 Advantages of Cleardesk

  • Real-Time Stats and Analytics
    First of all, each of the ClearDesk solutions allows you to build and modify reports in real-time. This means that your employees can access them quickly and easily and act according to the requirements to keep your business moving.
  • Boost Productivity
    As we already mentioned, we value productivity. Hence, our solutions allow users to construct and arrange their desktop to their requirements, mix of tools needed, and distinctive way of working, thus saving lots of time and avoiding unnecessary clicks.
  • Make Remote Working, Work
    This is probably the ultimate advantage of ClearDesk during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are the perfect solution to those looking for a work-from-home solution for their employees. No passwords left on computers, no difficult navigation. Just secure data management and complete connectivity.
  • Security and Single Sign-on
    With ClearDesk, you can rest assured that all of the data your company uses will stay secured and protected with one password by Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on. Just a single click and you will access the apps you need to get the job done.
  • Complete Dashboard View
    Last but definitely not least, we make things easier (especially if you judge how easy something is by the number of clicks needed to access). ClearDesk offers dashboards that are fully customizable for any piece of data, from any application – right in front of you.

    Hence, make ClearDesk work for you! Contact us today and discover all the benefits ClearDesk can bring to your business.