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Keep your people connected, no matter where they work.

Whether they’re in the office, working from home or out on the road, keeping your staff connected to their work, and to each other, is crucial for success. At ClearDesk, we make this possible.

Each of the three ClearDesk solutions provides staff with easy access to all their apps and info, all on one screen with a single, secure log in. Because it’s cloud-based there’s no need for time-consuming tech work, so it can be set up fast. Plus, there’s less time wasted logging in and out of different apps, allowing your staff to focus on getting on with their job.

Welcome to a more connected, efficient workforce.

Welcome to ClearDesk.

Personalised to increase productivity

Ensure your employees can be effective and efficient by having a personalised set-up, single sign on and access to everything they need.

A workplace solution during COVID-19

If your workplace has been effected and your people are working remotely, then ClearDesk is the solution for you.

Microsoft 365 at our core

Microsoft 365 opens a world of opportunity for all of us. We make that world your oyster.

The average worker has 8 applications to do their work. Studies show they lose 30 minutes a day simply signing in and out of them!

We transform your desktop into a single window with all your Microsoft 365 applications. One single sign-on to access them all. Securely and seamlessly, across devices.

With Multi-Factor Authentication to keep data safe; we ensure the right people, get the right information, when they need it. Every time.

Fuse your Workspace

SaaS applications are incredibly complex and getting larger. Users often only access a couple of data points at a time, but log in and out of applications many times a day to access the same small set of data.

They then blend that data with single outputs from other applications. Jumping between applications and combining what they find in spreadsheets. No more!

With Fuse you can monitor data from all your Office 365 applications in real time on your own personalised dashboard. Work your way and monitor just what you need from each.

For Your Organisation

Real Time Stats and Analytics

ClearDesk allows a user to build and/or modify reports in real time. Management and executives can create reports required for staff to utilise quickly and easily, keeping your business moving.

Boost Productivity

ClearDesk saves your team time in many ways. Team members can configure their desktop to the mix of tools that suit their way of working. While management can deep dive reporting within applications, saving a mountain of distractions and clicks.

Anywhere You Are

If you’re looking for a work-from home solution for your workforce, we don’t have the answer… we ARE the answer. No passwords left on home computers, no difficult navigation. Just secure data management and control, and complete connectivity – all available with ClearDesk.

Security and Single Sign-On

Your data is secured with one password protected by Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on. Access to your apps is just a click away, allowing you and your staff to spend more time getting the job done.

Better Business Intelligence

Buried behind ClearDesk’s simple elegance is a powerful engine that allows you to gain invaluable business intelligence and drive automated reporting for both the individual and the company’s performance.

Complete Dashboard View

Yes, we are all busy. Yes, we want things to be easier. But has it really come to judging how easy something is by how many ‘clicks away’ it is? Well, yeah – it sorta has. ClearDesk provides customisable dashboards for any piece of data buried in your applications – right there, right in front of you, in real time. Simple.

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