But, who are we?

And, where did we come from?


About ClearDesk

The brainchild of Cloud Computing Evangelists who saw the internet as being the primary engine need for daily users.  Gone are the days of buying or even downloading programs online. ClearDesk harvests the power of the internet to allow users to plug in directly to the web-based applications, and provides this service under a secure, encrypted and backed-up framework ensuring that users can be confident that their data remains safe.

ClearDesk is an Australian-headquartered software business, operating locally and internationally through its Brisbane and London offices.  The Company brings together teams with market-leading technical expertise, strong commercial foundations and futuristic visions to provide its customers with the cutting edge technology under Federal Government level security protocols.

Australia has always been at the forefront of international cloud computing technology and adoption.  ClearDesk is a further iteration of this trend.  As an Australian-based software company, ClearDesk has been able to view, modify and improve on the many technologies coming from larger countries.  ClearDesk.

Sam Forbes

Executive Director

Founder and CEO of Australia’s first pure play cloud company. CTO of publicly listed organization. Technology lead in significant ASX listed large roll up. Sam holds Post Graduate Degrees in Computer Sciences from the California Institute of Technology.

Maryann Chen


Maryann is an MBA and a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 12 years’ experience in the commercial world, with roles including Consulting for Deloittes, a CFO to an ASX listed mining company and CEO of her own Strategic Advisory company.

Martin von Stein

Infrastructure Lead

With over 20 years’ experience in IT with a specific focus on cloud technologies. Martin is a highly sought-after cloud computing expert and was recognised by Forbes Magazine as “Thought Leader in Data Centre Networks”. Martin is an industry leader in cloud infrastructure and development.