The ClearDesk Solution

Don’t count the days, make the days count.

You are rated by how efficient you are, how productive you can be, but you are held back by the tech you HAVE to use.

You need multiple applications to do your job, all provided by different suppliers, all with their way of telling you how to work…

This is where ClearDesk plugs in…

All your tools in one place

Imagine if you could see all of your tools, set out the way you wanted. Customise and integrate tot the way YOU work, not hte way the software companies tell you it had to be

You are in control

Works with Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Web native applications, allowing integration and reporting of all application and user data. Controlled Admin Permissions Managing all out of office staff access

stop wasting time

Imagine if you could stop wasting time with tech issues, relying on help desks, creating job tickets and fabricating workarounds. No more shadow IT!

your data Securely secured

ClearDesk is securely hosted, backed up and encrypted on Australia-based servers. Cyber Security threat safe including MFA, ISO Certified (Federal Govt. level) security protocol and 24/7 security support.


"Focus on being productive, not busy"

-Tim Ferris

Why can't my SaaS apps play like an ERP?!
Well, now they all can.

Microsoft 365 provides an environment for all apps to share data with each other if we only let them.
Sharing data in a consistent, reliable and accurate way, day in day out. Just like an ERP. And without the hefty Zap costs. ClearDesk delivers reports to you live, moment by moment. Across various functions and territories, all governed by strict access controls based on user privileges.

Know more, learn more, decide more … faster and more accurately. We keep you and your team ahead of the competition and in a leadership position.

Choose the perfect combination

With ClearDesk, your workspace will now have endless possibilities. With single sign-on, integration or even business insights. Your data, interacted with your way, to help your business.

Ask us how Fuse or Insight will help with your business needs.

Frequently asked questions

We can integrate your most used apps with ClearDesk Core. We can integrate your CRM to your Accounting Software, as well as your marketing suite to have a working environment that talks to each other.

If your company has a Microsoft 365 licence then ClearDesk will work for you.

ClearDesk is the accumulation of 17 years of thinking and research and development by the team at ClearDesk to produce an IT efficiency and simplification tool that made sense to the average corporation. This team is working to ensure its successful launch and it is anticipated that many of our contacts will become adopters of ClearDesk.

The PROBLEM is APPS SPRAWL. Application sprawl is the growth of an IT environment to include more applications, and to use more resources overall. Such IT environments suffer from inefficiency due to poor design are often talked about in terms of application sprawl.

We all would like the simplification of using all software as a service for our businesses, it would save money, increase choice and flexibility.

ClearDesk is an elegant solution to the problem, allowing a business to choose the applications it wants to use in a frame work that ensures:

  • Sovereignty of data
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Appropriate data for decision making
    • Increases efficiency of business processes through integration of applications. This decreases man hours required to manually process and validate data.
    • Saves costs associated with inefficient software add on’s to fill the gap in processes and patchy integration of existing software.
    • Elimination of manual handling and decreasing the risk of costly errors
    • Ability to cost effectively and consistently generate the required reporting for both compliance and management.
    • Ability to generate almost real time reporting thereby eliminating business risk.
    • Saves time on finding, opening, logging in and closing applications every time you need to use it.
    • Saves time associated with forgetting passwords and resetting each time on each application.