Make working apart come together.

Connect your people simply and securely, no matter where they work.

Working around COVID-19

With many employees across the globe now working remotely, it’s more important than ever to keep them connected – to their work and to each other. At ClearDesk, we make this connection possible, by providing your employees with a simple, cloud-based, single-view platform that helps maintain productivity whether they’re in the workplace or not.

For today and the future

While ClearDesk’s solutions will set your employees up for remote working during the COVID-19 restriction period over the next 3 to 6 months, the benefits will last well beyond. Implementing these
solutions now could set your business up for success in the months and years to come.

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Ideal for Microsoft 365

The chances are you’re probably already using Microsoft 365, good news. With ClearDesk, you can quickly and easily move your team across to a secure, cloud-based platform.

The benefits are Clear

As well as making the transition process seamless, ClearDesk can help deliver improved efficiencies to your business,
along with a number of other benefits.

Easy user adoption with complete management oversight.

No-touch onboarding, delivered remotely by the ClearDesk team without any need for contact with your staff.

Single sign on for users. No downtime switching between apps.

Management and access privileges adhered to in Microsoft 365 and all apps.

Logging of activity for management.

Flexible pricing options and low cost installation.


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Additional advantages

Protecting your staff’s health

> Maintain a healthy and more efficient workforce.
> Ensure the safety of your staff’s loved ones.
> Flexibility for staff to relieve stresses.
> Gives staff confidence in organisation culture and values.

Improving company sustainability

> Limit reduced operational capability.
> Reduce risk with month-to-month fees.
> Keep your reps in the field working well, while at home or when able to visit clients again.
> Ramp licenses and any costs up or down as needed.

Adhering to government guidelines

>Every person and every business is obligated to play their part in getting through this uncertain time.
> Evidence of good corporate citizenship.
> Supporting others who need to stay healthy.

Technical requirements

The beauty of our solutions is their speed and simplicity. Being cloud-based, there’s no VPN required, so you can be and running in no time. Multi Factor Authentication for all users makes things ultra-secure, plus you can leverage the technology you’ve already invested in, such as Microsoft 365. Perhaps most importantly, users can easily get into and get what they need out of their apps – all with one single sign on.

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