Our EcoSystem

Don’t count the days, make the days count.

All your tools in one place

Imagine if you could see all of your tools, set out the way you wanted. Customise and integrate tot the way YOU work, not hte way the software companies tell you it had to be

Define your Device

ClearDesk will work on any device you throw at it. As long as you have a browser and the internet the information that powers your world is at your fingertips

stop wasting time

Imagine if you could stop wasting time with tech issues, relying on help desks, creating job tickets and fabricating workarounds

your data is Secure

Your data is stored in a secure, encrupted and containerised enviroment that our staff cannot even accsess. Once your data is in the lake it is backed up and can only be deleted by authorised persons

Why can't my SaaS apps play like an ERP?!
Well, now they all can.

Microsoft 365 provides an environment for all apps to share data with each other if we only let them.
Sharing data in a consistent, reliable and accurate way, day in day out. Just like an ERP. And without the hefty Zap costs. ClearDesk delivers reports to you live, moment by moment. Across various functions and territories, all governed by strict access controls based on user privileges.

Know more, learn more, decide more … faster and more accurately. We keep you and your team ahead of the competition and in a leadership position.